Why is p***y becoming expensive?!

Question: Why is p***y becoming expensive.?
i thought it was due to inflation, but then i remembered that it doesn't have an economy, or does it.?Health Question & Answer

haha b4 you were getting all the cheep ones! thats yHealth Question & Answer

are you asking what i think you're asking.? if so, then yea. you have the economy to blame for more expensive hookers. times are hard and the simplest things in life, like pussy, is very therapeutic.Health Question & Answer

if you are using money to get a p---y you yourself need to be f u c k k e d by a african regularly to quenchHealth Question & Answer

Just remember, only a big looser has to pay for it.Health Question & Answer

you must be new here because, its always been expensiveHealth Question & Answer

nothing is cheap.Health Question & Answer

wht.?...damn...get a life loserHealth Question & Answer

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