What is going on [10pts]?!

Question: What is going on [10pts].?

I had some blood on the toilet paper after wiping for several months, so I went to the doctors and was sent to a specialist. I was lucky in that I was placed under the care of the lead colrectal surgeon of the hospital. He performed a Ridgid sigmoidosopy and said I had two 2ND degree piles just inside my rectum.

I then had a flexible sigmoidoscopy a few weeks later, and the guy doing it said he seen no piles and the bleeding was probably from an anal fissure.

After taking in a tremendous amount of fiber a day now (30g) I am having heavier bleeding than before!! It actually stains the stool now. It hurts to pass a stool because they are much thicker than usual for some reason

What is this!!.?.?

ThanksHealth Question & Answer

If you're passing thicker stools then it's likely that they are either making the piles or the fissure bleed. It doesn't sound like anything sinister and is a very common problem. If you're still worried go and see your GP.Health Question & Answer

If you're taking extra fiber, you HAVE to up the water you drink a day as well. If the stool is hard, you aren't drinking enough and it will iritate the piles no end.

You're aiming to have something the consistency of sausage meat.
Too dry and it's painful.
This will be a lifelong discipline for you.

Aim for 3 pints a day
Drink a glass after every coffee you have
Stay away from coke.Health Question & Answer

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You need to go back to your doctor and press him to get you another consultants opinion . It could just be that all the work you have had done over these months has cause a weakness in the wall of the rectum , but it is best to get it checked .. Good LuckHealth Question & Answer

sorry to break it to you but no one has a clue what's wrong with you, i say just go to a new doctor and complain because it must have been something with the surgery that caused this.Health Question & Answer

im not a doc but maybe your rectum is tore up and the inside hurts because you wipe to hardHealth Question & Answer

You should really get help, it could be colon cancer.Health Question & Answer

sounds like you are dehydrated, increase the amount of water intakeHealth Question & Answer

sounds like bowl problems,so sorry to hear you have this problemHealth Question & Answer

I have piles and there's not a single time when I use the toilet that there's not blood on the toilet paper. It's just a matter of fact for me now. I've been to several doctors and all they can say is that there's nothing they can do and just eat a lot of fiber, drink a lot of water and live my life.

My behind also hurts almost constantly, but not excruciating. Just like a dull ache that makes sitting down for long periods of time difficult.

2 years ago, though, I had anal fissures ALONG with my piles. Now, that's pain! I cried every time I used the washroom, I was going through a tube of Prep H every day and I couldn't wipe myself; had to spray water at my behind just clean it.

My point, I guess, is that I understand what you're going through totally, and I urge you to keep speaking with doctors. There is surgery that can be done if your piles are to the point where your life is unlivable, however you may just want to invest in Prep H or start taking lots of pain killers. It's what I have to do sometimes.Health Question & Answer

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