Why can't my penis stay up?!

Question: Why can't my penis stay up.?
I've been with my girlfriend for a couple months, and never had a problem getting hard with her. She's given me hand and blow jobs and I've been fine. But when we had sex for the first time (it was both of our first times with anyone), I couldn't keep it up. A lot of times I would go in her and i would start getting soft again and it would fall out. I'm 17, and of course I was wearing a condom. How can I make it stay up.?Health Question & Answer

Don't get stressed out over this, it will pass, i have experienced this with guys i have been with in the past, it's just nerves, you need to relax. i suggest a lot of foreplay before hand and have her talk dirty to you or you talk dirty to her. communication during sex is important, anything you can do to make the situation hotter will make for a better experience.Health Question & Answer

By any chance do you use a cell phone.? Cell phones have been linked to reduced sperm count, mobility, and viability. And as someone who suffers from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, I wouldn't doubt that the radiation emitted by these devices is behind your problem. Afterall, you hold it against your head and likely carry it in the vicinity of your groin.

Erections involve more than adequate blood flow and desire. They involve an elaborate transmission of impulses to travel from the brain to the nerves in the penis.

Not good if you've been using a cell phone and now find your nerves are damaged.Health Question & Answer

James; You are focusing on an issue that is causing you to lose natural concentration you both have to let it happen naturally how ever you both should consider you have all the time in the world to seek your own inner feelings toward each other and not become victims of peer pressure and should think of why you both feel the need to engage in sex is it love or lust or just keeping up with the crowdHealth Question & Answer

dude i had the same problem! lmao i just had 2 piss coz i drank a V. We were having dry and I didnt feel like it 2 be honest, musta been that V!!! I was 15 @ the time and now im turning 17 and not loosing my virginity to her coz it was limp is the best thing thats happeend 2 me! it was destiny :D! well mate just taaake a leak b4 you go and BE IN THE MOOD!! I wasn't and yeah... :PHealth Question & Answer

Dont worry, I know plenty of people that have had the same problem and surprisingly it's pretty common for guys during their first time or when they get nervous. Just try to calm your nerves and you'll probably be fine the next time you tryHealth Question & Answer

You have ED, probably caused by a low testosterone count. HRT is the answer, it works for me. I'm55 and have the stamina of a young buck now. My wife couldn't be happier. Move over Enzyte Bob.Health Question & Answer

it was your first time.? bet you had alot on your mind.... first times are rarely enjoyable... wait until you are as comfortable as rabbits and then see if you have a problem.....

penis's don't like stressful situationsHealth Question & Answer

talk to your doctor. you may have ED (erectile dysfunction) which can be solved with viagra. otherwise try using some ribbed condoms to get a better effect on your penis (and her vagina)Health Question & Answer

Maybe your dick's too scared to get in! LOL or its your emotions, do you feel nervous about what you're doing while your inserting it.?Health Question & Answer

you might have to find a boyfriend then james... *shrugs*

see,,, you said you were even able to do it in the end...Health Question & Answer

use your imagination think about somethin real hot and sext to get you hard thats what i do with my wifeHealth Question & Answer

it could be from stress. maybe your having doubts about having sex with her or something else is on your mind at the time.Health Question & Answer

see a doctor. it might be some serious case.

p.s. true love waitsHealth Question & Answer

try harderHealth Question & Answer

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