What should i eat to get thick semen?!

Question: What should i eat to get thick semen.?
My semen is look like water. i am so worried. please tell me what type of foods should i eat to make it thick.Health Question & Answer

The main problem is in your mind. you worry too much. Enjoy the life dude. Every thing is perfect in you. Some men have thick semen and some thin. its nothing to do with orgasm. Take your normal diet. Keep chilling.Health Question & Answer

The thickness of your semen has no baring on the "health" of your orgasm.

also, having seminal fluid that is too thick may DECREASE your fertility as the sperm cells are not able to travel as far as they need to achieve fertilisation.

Don't worry any more.Health Question & Answer

I'm a medical scientist.Health Question & Answer

you need to actually drink a lot more water, i drink like 2 gallons a day, i kid you not... and if you really wanna pop off a good one try edging... when your about to ejaculate slow down or stop thrusting til the feeling goes away... keep doing this for longer periods of time and you will have a much more copious load when you do ejaculate... this also makes for a really great and intense orgasm... enjoy ;-)Health Question & Answer

I don't know, maybe you should research this.Health Question & Answer

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