Iam 17 and my height is 5 feet 7 inches?!

Question: Iam 17 and my height is 5 feet 7 inches.?
Is that normal height or iam too short.
Then tell me what shuold be my height to be normal pleaseHealth Question & Answer

You are little bit shortHealth Question & Answer

Hey, in which place are you.? It depends on the place, country and even the continent.
If you are an Asian, then 5'7'' is OK, but for an American, European or Australian it is apparently a little small.Health Question & Answer

Average UK height is between 5'9" and 5'10". You're a little small, but you're not flat-out short.

You're basically as likely to be called short as a six-foot tall person is to be called tall.Health Question & Answer

u're not too tall not too short. somewhere in the average.
height really depends on how tall ur parents are or some genetic factor.Health Question & Answer

No such thing as normal. I'm two inches shorter than you and it has not been in any way a discomfort or a disability for me.Health Question & Answer

Most 17 year old boys i no are like 6ft2 / 3 / 4

So i would say your abit small but not much

But don't forget that some people are tall or short or in the middle.

hope this helps...Health Question & Answer

I think you are a bit short I'm 14 and 5ft 11
I know lots of tall 17 year oldsHealth Question & Answer

wow. I'm 13 and im 5 foot 3 inches!! im sorry but idk. ask your doctor. He is your best bet.Health Question & Answer

the average male height is 5'10" at age 17

so yeah you are a little under average heightHealth Question & Answer

Thats like average I would think. You're shorter than me thoughHealth Question & Answer

go to a doctor and see if you need grothe hormoneHealth Question & Answer

your not the star of little people big world are you.?Health Question & Answer

I'm a girl, yes...I'm 5' 4" I think youre fine. My bf is like 6' and i'd honestly not mind if he was a bit shorter. ;)Health Question & Answer

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