Size of my buddy down there?!

Question: Size of my buddy down there.?
OK, kinda weird.. asking this..
my ***** like 7 inches when i measure it... but when i look at it it looks smaller and it pisses me of LOL
does the size of the penis change.? or does it only seem that way..Health Question & Answer

when you look down at your penis it will look shorted that it really is
due to prespective and the fat pad just above your penis
no your penis doesn't change size, it just seems that wayHealth Question & Answer

It's all about perspective, im quite big flaccid but to me it looks small, the angle you look at it gives it the appearance of being smaller as you can only see the top of it really and it hangs down, however somebody who looks at it side on in the locker room for example will see its true size.

Mail me if you have any other questions or queries.Health Question & Answer

The penis is always in an ever changing state of growing and shrinking.
even erections vary is size and length depending how dialated the blood vessels are and the amount of blood that is trapped inside.
and the itensity of arousalHealth Question & Answer

your member is above average 7 inches is healthy when you look down at it of course it will look smaller birds eys view so really its all in yer head when ya shower with males after footy or whatever eveyone looks at the side so they wont notice anything wrong so stop worrying unless you are lieing about the size and yer only 7cmHealth Question & Answer

Why the f would your dick change size it is what it is unless your still in puberty and its the angle you look at it everything appears smaller looking down.Health Question & Answer

It'll look smaller to you because you're looking down on it: but the girls won't feel the same way.Health Question & Answer

aa idk but i know your size is nicee =]
hahaHealth Question & Answer

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