Do you think it would seem "weird" if I asked a guy what he used to whiten his teeth?!

Question: Do you think it would seem "weird" if I asked a guy what he used to whiten his teeth.?
Okay, well I know this guy who has really white teeth and I want to find out what he uses on them but I'm concerned that this might seem weird because it communicates that:
1) I noticed his teeth (I'm a guy too)
2) I want to know what he uses on them

I'm kind of new to this whole social thing.Health Question & Answer

Personally I don't see a problem with it. Just don't try to sound like you're stalking him lol Anything that you'd feel comfortable being asked, chances are he won't mind.

"Man, what do you use to make your teeth so white.?"

Would that be an awkward question for you.? I think most people would find it quite flattering.Health Question & Answer

Aren't you guys good at making fun of each other.? Wear your sunglasses, and tell him to close his mouth cuz his teeth are blinding you...then tell him - "hey just kidding. No Man, they look good - they are really white. - who is your dentist .? "
You say you know this guy and the question is not that personal (you arent asking him about his Johnson after all) White teeth are sign of good health,
Get the conversation going. Socializing isn't that difficult. You need to find comfort with yourself (confidence) and you will find that most people will talk to you. Relax and enjoy your life.Health Question & Answer

He might find it a little weird, but it won't make him want to stay away from you or anything.Health Question & Answer

Not at all. He knows something you don't and would like to. Ask away.Health Question & Answer

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