Question about weight .......should i pay more attention to the BMI or body fat % ?!

Question: Question about weight .......should i pay more attention to the BMI or body fat % .?
ok so im an 18 year old( turning 18 on april 23rd) guy im 5'9 and i weight 203 pounds
i came here to USA from Europe so bakc there we use kilograms and cm any ways when i first came here i was 14 i think and i was 150 cm and i weighted 45-50 kilograms so in the 4 years i grew about 25cm( 5'9 is about 175-176 cm ) and i gain 45 kilograms
i tihnk that im done growing i like my heigh and i do feel good with my weight i do exercise i go out for jog ( slow jog cause i do have feet and leg problems) for about an hour in the morning and at night
i watch what i eat i dont eat breakfast cause im not hungry in the morning the first meal that i have is like at 11 am or 12 pm and the last one at 9 pm right before i go out

now for the BMI ,my BMI is 29-30 and my body fat % well that depends on that web site i try to calculate it but its from 17.5 to 18.5 %

i do feel great about the way i look and feel im thinking about joining Bally my friends are thinking about joining it to os it would be a bit better to go in a group then go alone to the gym cause it feels kinda lonely and that way you have someone that can keep you company and vice versaHealth Question & Answer

According to bmi calculators, you're bmi stands at 29 which is dangerously overweight almost obese (anything about 30 is obese) BUT bmi does not take into account that muscle weighs more than fat, pro rugby players are some of the healthiest and heaviest guys in the world, they're not fat, they're not obese, but according to a bmi calculator they would be overweight or obese because of their muscle.

A more accurate test is a body fat test, most doctors do them, and they can also tell you whether your bmi is likely to be correct or not. If you do lots of weights and exercise etc, I would assume that you're not overweight and that most of your weight comes from muscle not fat.

Don't use a computer to calculate your body fat %, go to your doctor, there is specialised apparatus available that is much more accurate than a computer.

Seriously ignore you BMI, try and calculate you body fat % accurately and go from there, if you see your doctor for the body fat % test, they can also help if you need / choose to lose weight.

Doctors recommend you only lose about 2 - 3 pounds a week, so you keep it healthy, try not to lose more than this per week.

Try increasing your exercise (it doesn't have to be intense exercise, if you have leg and ankle problems, swimming will help get you fit without putting your joints under any strain), and eating smaller more regular meals so you're never hungry and you don't have to snack as much.

also try and keep the food you eat healthy. It's all very well saying you eat 3000 calories a day, but if it's all junk, it's not doing you any good. Lots of fruit and veg, but make sure you get your protein, fibre and carbs too, you need all of these foods to keep your body healthy.Health Question & Answer

pay more attention to your body fat %. BMI is flawed because it doesnt take into account for muscle, which is heavier than fat. Fat % is a great way to tell how your doingHealth Question & Answer

Pay more attention to the mirror.Health Question & Answer

Body fat is more useful than BMI as it takes into account different types of build, but calculating it is difficult.
You do need to get your body fat and BMI down to be a healthy weight. Don't worry too much about a target number, because bot of these measures are just rough "rule of thumb" calculations.
Just get off your computer and into a gym!!! Don't be shy about going alone, you can often make friends at a gym and there will always be other people who feel self conscious.
Good luck and try to enjoy it!Health Question & Answer

I wish the BMI was never invented. Ignore that. It's pointless to know that. Focus on body fat percentage.

You should eat something in the morning. Even if you aren't hungry. I have that issue too but if you don't eat in the morning then your motablism won't start in the morning and you won't burn as many calories or fat durring the day. Eat something.

I am very health conscience and you need to focus on body fat percentage more than anything.

-ConnorHealth Question & Answer

You're ignoring what most dietitians consider the most important meal of the day if you skip breakfast. Your metabolism has slowed down enough to compensate for the lack of caloric intake so your body is actually "hoarding" its stores of body fat instead of burning them for the energy your body needs. You need to eat lots of carbohydrates for your first meal; lots of carbohydrates with a little lean protein for lunch; then protein - mainly in the form of vegetables - for your final meal.
also, don't go straight to bed - go for a brief walk before "hitting the sack". This will give your body time to start digesting your supper before you go to sleep and your stomach "shuts down" for the night.Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

Pay more attention to your body fat percentage. BMI just regulates how your weight compares to your height using specific formulae; it doesn't take into account various body types and bone densities.

For example, I'm 6'2" and 185 pounds, but I have a muscular build. My other friend, who is 6'1", only an inch below me, only weighs two pounds more (187), but he's got a double chin and stomach fat.

So, in conclusion, focus on thinning down your body fat instead of reducing your BMI.Health Question & Answer

Paying more attention to your Body Fat % is the best way to go because BMI only takes in account the average person. If you were to get very muscular, muscle weights more than fat, and in correspondence with your height that would make your BMI higher than it should be.

But the best source to tell if you're overweight is your eyes. If you're comfortable with the way you look then there's nothing wrong. If you aren't, exercise more. It's as simple as that.Health Question & Answer

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