Kind of Funny.............haha?!

Question: Kind of Funny.............haha.?
The guys at my school will compare their penis sizes in the bathroom, and i guess one guy's is really curved...they call him "the hook". Is this really abnormal.?Health Question & Answer

well if your asking if compairing them is weird yes it is, i'm 15 and that's gay as hell to stand around compairing them. And the hook thing is weird too, funny as hell thoHealth Question & Answer

It isn't GAY to compare anything.
Is it gay for two guys to compare height.? Obviously not. Is it gay to compare shoe size.? Obviously not...
Those are things that you can see at any time, but people still are curious to see who is taller and who has bigger feet. It isn't every day that guys see other guys naked... so it makes sense that they would compare penis length.Health Question & Answer

umm firsts D wtf.? are you some type of perve.? and im 16 and i have never compared my penis to other guys. sure we'll muck around and crap but ya know. if you show another guy your penis its not normalHealth Question & Answer

no when masturbating the penis can sometimes curve. this also happens with sex sometimesHealth Question & Answer

Yes its abnormal ive never showed my D!ck to anyone.

Hello its gay to show your d!ck to other guys!Health Question & Answer

it's not that uncommon of guys to compare, and it's not uncommon for some to be curved lolHealth Question & Answer

No, some people are born with curved penises but its not that common.Health Question & Answer

Not unusual at all.Health Question & Answer

hahaha that is really really weird. I Can't believe that... but I don't know if that is abnormal... maybe it is... but whydo you care though.?Health Question & Answer

^ lol at the perv aboveHealth Question & Answer

i think they guys in your school are...gayHealth Question & Answer

im a 14 guy and i could tell u lots of stuff about guys. email me @ drewm103@yahoo.caHealth Question & Answer

ur dumb and uglyHealth Question & Answer

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