How do i increase my SIZE?!

Question: How do i increase my SIZE.?
I'm a 6, and i guess that's ok for a 14 year old, but how do i get bigger.? I don't want to use a pump, but i need something.
Any websites that'll teach me for free.?
any suggustons.?Health Question & Answer

Don't worry about it. 6 is average in length so you're fine. Besides, you'll most likely grow until your late teens or early twenties. Pills and pumps are scams and don't work at all, even if they are on commercials. The only way to get what you're looking for is through surgery (good luck asking your parents to pay for it)Health Question & Answer

Well time and patients will pay off. 6 inches is very respectable for a 14 yr old. Some grown men would love to be that big. Look at it this way if you had 10 inches you would still want to be bigger. Be happy with what you got because nothing will change it. Pumps only make it fatter anyway beause the sucktion causes swelling. The increase in size is only temporary.Health Question & Answer

You can't unless you get surgery.

Every man has 1 to 3 inches of "extra penis length" inside their body. Surgery can cut the suspensory ligament and release that length.

As for thickness...same thing. Only surgery. They inject fat (most likely from your buttocks...this is true) and inject it into the penis to thicken it.

Go online and do some reasearch as some people end up looking horrible after the injections.
No pills, no pumps, no "exercises" will do anything for length or width.Health Question & Answer

Actual research on the subject...not infomercialsHealth Question & Answer

None of the stuff works, Just a waste of your money.
What you have is what you get. You still have a couple more growth years. Remember size isn't everything. It's how you use itHealth Question & Answer

go to or they work just try it out there both free...Health Question & Answer penisamp.comHealth Question & Answer

you cant man... just wait until ur fully developed.. then ul be bigger, most likeley. Ull grow until ur over 20 years old.

have fun.Health Question & Answer

yes grow upHealth Question & Answer

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