Handjob question? Reaction?!

Question: Handjob question.? Reaction.?
Well when he was almost... there, he was shaking like crazy all over his body and breathing really had. What does that mean.?Health Question & Answer

It means you were doing something good. Believe me, he was enjoying it.Health Question & Answer

haha you did a good job, and he was very close to cumming...when thta happens its usually very tense..and makes him feel good

answer mine.?

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im a guy..Health Question & Answer

about it you can find information from the following website
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1. He liked it
2. he was nervous
3. he was cold
4. he was having an extrelmly big orgasm.Health Question & Answer

I would shake if a girl was about to play with my balls/penis too.. It doesn't mean anything he was probably nervousHealth Question & Answer

It means you quit too soon and you can't put any more eeee's on your name!!!Health Question & Answer

he liked it unless he told you differentHealth Question & Answer

it means you did a real good job and he had a powerful orgasm good jobHealth Question & Answer

haha,, you should try it with me, and see if i would do the sameHealth Question & Answer

You did a great job! Now stand back before you get shot in the eye.Health Question & Answer

it was a extremely great handyHealth Question & Answer

It means you did a good job.Health Question & Answer

that means he enjoyed/ was enjoying it!!! good job!Health Question & Answer

well im 15 and when i..... it happens to me in the shower and feels goodHealth Question & Answer

U R a teaseHealth Question & Answer

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