Are you able to shave your face everyday?!

Question: Are you able to shave your face everyday.?
Just wondering, are you able to shave daily without problems such as drying out your skin, or irritating it.?Health Question & Answer

It varies from person to person, but in general I'd say yes. If it does start irritating your face shave less often. If it starts to dry your skin out just slap on a little moisturizer.

Hope it helps :)Health Question & Answer

no. my skin dries out really bad and i get major razorburn. i alos break out really bad. I shave every other day except on weekends when i dont at all. And even when i shave every other day i still get razorburn and it is kind of uncomfortable the day i shave.Health Question & Answer

yes you canHealth Question & Answer

I shave my face and head every dayHealth Question & Answer

meHealth Question & Answer

Why, I don't need too....?Health Question & Answer

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