Honest opinions only, Men tell us in your own words are boobs?!

Question: Honest opinions only, Men tell us in your own words are boobs.?
what attracts you to single woman.?
Do you like boobs, why is that, explain.?Health Question & Answer

i like to look at them and play with them. that,s the man in me. it,s because you have them and i don,t. i like a woman with a A not bigger then a B.Health Question & Answer

1st- Smile. Absolutely has to have a beautiful smile.
2nd- Body. I take pride in my body, my mate should too.
3rd-Brain. I have to be able to carry on a conversation.

I can go on and on. Boobs (as you termed) fit in there somewhere. I have been with women that have had HUGE, small, medium and perfect breasts. To tell you the truth, they are great. They're great for pillows, for snuggling, for nurturing, for comfort, and for making sure the logos on their t-shirts are completely readable! Seriously, without being sexist, women are mysterious queen-like beings.... ANSWER CAREFULLY!!!Health Question & Answer

well there is scientific fact that the first thing men look at is the face and i find that to be true for me. i do love boobs but i can honestly care less about them. im more of and *** man or leg man.Health Question & Answer

No that would be silly, unless the boobs were educated and could have a good conversation as well as having a good sense of humor.Health Question & Answer

Lol, I'm watching the answers on this question.Health Question & Answer

Add me or whatever ^^.Health Question & Answer

i love the ones that arent too big because then the nipple looks like a pancake and they get that huge vein on the top and its terrible so i like just the perfectly sized onesHealth Question & Answer

Boobs are beautiful, soft and yummy.Girls like them too.
Personally i like a great *** moreHealth Question & Answer

i love boobs. Not like huge gross ones. but like nice prefect titties. I love boobsHealth Question & Answer

I'm not a boob man I like smaller maybe B. I love LEGSSS.... I go crazy over long fit legs on ladies and men.Health Question & Answer

I like big c's or d's that are natural not fake.Health Question & Answer

I'm a boob man. I like em big.Health Question & Answer

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