Teens nude in changerooms?!

Question: Teens nude in changerooms.?
I'm 16 and always go nude when having a shower at my local swimming pool. Not many other teenagers go naked and are embarrased to show some skin. Would others feel uncomfortable if they saw me naked or wouldn't care and be accepting of it as normal.?Health Question & Answer

i think it would be hotHealth Question & Answer

If you do it all the time, they will eventually get used to it and accept it as normal, if they were to feel awkward before, after a while they will feel more comfortable knowing that it is normal. And besides, they don't really have a say in the matter anyways, you do what you want, and they can't really say anything about it.Health Question & Answer

Same question you asked yesterday or so. Let them be embarrassed, they need to grow up. Men don't have any qualms dressing or undressing or showering with other guys, and teen guys should not either. Never was a problem or even an issue with anyone when I was a kid. Just natural and normal, we all have the same gear and look about the same down below when changing. So what is the big deal.?
If anyone comments about you being nude, just respond "that's why we have locker rooms-- to change and shower." If guys are not gonna change in front of other guys, they have problems.Health Question & Answer

Long time ago, when I went to the pool, if you were getting into the pool, we took our shower with our bathing trunks on. The life guards always looked to see if our hair was wet before they would let us in the pool. If you had a crew cut - common then - you better have wet trunks.

On the way home, most took a nude shower, or just toweled off and changed into street clothes.

It's really up to each person and it is a sex-segregated locker room.Health Question & Answer

a combination of not caring and thinking ur the biggest weirdo on the face of the earth. like when i went to the dells once and walked through the locker room and i see this. an old guy bending over. so what did i see.? a really hairy butt, and a ballsack.Health Question & Answer

Do what you want bro. If someone is uncomfortable seeing you naked they are probably having a screwed up thought. Just do your thing and punch anyone that tries to get the shower head next to you when there are plenty of others.Health Question & Answer

I'm sixteen an have done it often, unless your uncomfortable with it, go ahead and do it, we all have the same things down there.Health Question & Answer

In the country I live in (where people sunbathe nude in public parks during their lunch breaks, weather permitting), seing someone shower with clothes on would certainly catch people's attention and generate quite a few laughs.Health Question & Answer

Maybe you have more confidence than other. I know i wouldn't get naked. I don't think they careHealth Question & Answer

wear a bathing suit when you shower, and do the towel trickHealth Question & Answer

well if ur not expecting to see some guys balls when u walk in then it could be uncomfortable. but people get use to itHealth Question & Answer

yeah i do the same thing and if someone see me o well we all got the same stuffHealth Question & Answer

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