Is my circumcision procedure right?!

Question: Is my circumcision procedure right.?
i've just undergone circumcision 2 days ago. I'm already fourteen. I've noticed that my penis is still covered with foreskin but the foreskin has a slit at the center with sutures. but the penis head is still inside. Have i undergone the right circumcision procedure.?Health Question & Answer

You didn't get a circumcision.
It's a dorsal slit. Not a circumcision.

-ConnorHealth Question & Answer

In my opinion, there is nothing right about any circumcision; it's male genital mutilation.

I don't know what you have described, but it doesn't sound like a regular circumcision.

If you still have your foreskin, you're lucky.

Don't let them do anything else to you until you can understand the consequences.

It's possible that they did a preputioplasty, to allow you to retract the foreskin (once it's healed), and that's the appropriate procedure for a case of extreme phimosis that doesn't respond to simple stretching.

The foreskin is a normal and natural part of the male genitals, and is necessary for complete sexual sensitivity and function.

Amputation of the foreskin by circumcision always damages the penis and sexual sensitivity; there are no advantages whatsoever to circumcision.

It was forced on me as an infant; I didn't have any choice in the matter, and I had complications that lasted most of my life because of it.

Circumcision is the worst hoax ever perpetrated on the male sex.

A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright.

ERICHealth Question & Answer

actually i prefer guys not to be circumcised. they usually have more sensitive penises and it makes sex better because they can feel more of what's going on.

i agree with you on this one. circumcision was put together by religious freaks to keep their kids from jerking off. and the "hygiene" factor CAN be an issue, if you don't shower. just pull the skin back and wash with soap. its the same thing women do with their vaginal areas.Health Question & Answer

Hooveria, I'm female and I much prefer my men to be intact, thank you very much.

Connor is right, sounds like a dorsal slit rather than an actual circumcision. And as eric said, count your blessings -- you're lucky you didn't get a real circumcision.Health Question & Answer

no it is not get it fixed..

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I had it done 14 weeks ago & mine don't sound nuttin' like yours!Health Question & Answer

...hmmmm no i don't agree....i love them clean cut.... and clean, not to mention how much better they look with out the the foreskin......most girls agree...times are changingHealth Question & Answer

eric............. ask any girl u meet which they like better.... and i think u wil find about 98% prefer circumcised.......Health Question & Answer

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