Sun and eyes............plz help?!

Question: Sun and eyes............plz help.?
I live in the tropics and whenever the sun is extremely hot and i go out side i can hardly see...well i can see its just that i cant open my eyes properly because the sun is so bright. I have 20/20 vision...what could be the problem.?Health Question & Answer

your eyes are photosensitive, that's all. It's kinda rare, but not so much. Here's a link for you:
Check it.Health Question & Answer

There are two things you can do. Wear a hat that has a edge that will shade your eyes and buy a pair of polarized sun glasses.

These two issues will help you from damaging the retina of your eyes.
You have much strong UVA and UVB in the tropics than in either the northern or southern regions on the earth.Health Question & Answer

A medic who wears both a hat and sun glasses in intense sunHealth Question & Answer

no problem, it's just your eyes' way of protecting you.
your retinas may be sensitive as well.
try investing in some sunglasses. (:
they'll put much less strain on your eyes, too.Health Question & Answer

Yall don't wear sunglasses in the tropics.?Health Question & Answer

There is no problem. You are supposed to be squinting. I live in Canada and I can't see eitherHealth Question & Answer

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