Why do i like to touch my penis?!

Question: Why do i like to touch my penis.?
this past month i have been masterbaiting alot is this wrongHealth Question & Answer

You like to play with your penis because it feels really good, as you know. This is a natural part of being human. We're built so that sex activity feels really good to us, so we'll do it a lot, and thus make babies even if we don't know that sex causes them.
The pleasure reward for doing sex is very strong, and can be very bewildering and even a little frightening for young people when they discover it. Masturbating often is a natural reaction to this, and is not wrong or bad. In fact, it helps you learn how your body works, what feels good to you in sex, and how to control your sexual response; as long as you pay attention to what is happening to you when you masturbate. Masturbating regularly is also healthy after you're familiar with your body's reactions. It helps keep your sexual organs toned and in good working order.Health Question & Answer

Sounds like you realized you are a normal healthy and sexually maturing guy. You've joined the man club and are practicing man's favorite hobby.Health Question & Answer

Because it feels awesome. Keep doing it! There's nothing wrong with it unless you start getting a sore penis or it interferes with your daily life.Health Question & Answer

Because you are a pervert. Why do people insist on writing in joke questions. This is just a stupid waste of our time. Get a life.

BillHealth Question & Answer

Enjoy it while you can.Health Question & Answer

because your a guy.. and thats what a guy does. and it feels good. duhhHealth Question & Answer

Because your gay!!!!!!!!!!Health Question & Answer

are you ashamed of it no.? then why do you hide.?Health Question & Answer

its not wrong.. it feels goodHealth Question & Answer

it feels real goodHealth Question & Answer

i am not sure but it feels SO goodHealth Question & Answer

im touching mine right nowHealth Question & Answer

nope show ur self appreciation man u deserve itHealth Question & Answer

no , its because u are horny.Health Question & Answer

cuz thats what guys doHealth Question & Answer

im touching my penis right now.Health Question & Answer

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