Can a vasectomy cause erectile disfunction?!

Question: Can a vasectomy cause erectile disfunction.?
My husband and I are trying to weigh the pros and cons of a vasectomy vs. tubal ligation. Is it possible that erectile disfunction could be a side effect of a vasectomy.Health Question & Answer

Erectile dysfunction after vasectomy has been reported, primarily in men who develop chronic pain after vasectomy. It is always written off as psychological adding insult to injury. Post vasectomy testicular pain or pain from sperm granulomas mix the pleasure of sex with pain. You can see how this could affect libido, orgasm, or erection.

In addition, Vasectomy causes testicular damage over time and this has been shown in no less than five biopsy proven medical studies.

Prospective vasectomy candidates should be told of the extensive research showing testicular fibrosis in all vasectomized mammalian species studied to date, including humans. Fibrosis is essentially scar tissue and must have an effect on the function of the testes. The testes have two main functions: Production of sperm and production of sexual hormones (primarily testosterone). The human studies do show a decrease in spermatogenesis reflecting testicular damage. Sertoli cell support of spermatogenesis has been implicated in this pathology as has pressure induced changes from obstruction by closing off the vas deferens via vasectomy.

Why should you care if sperm production is damaged or you develop fibrotic scarring in the testes.? The testes produce testosterone, and a relative decline in testosterone levels can cause decrease in erectile potency, decreased libido, fatigue, reduction in muscle mass and strength, change in fat deposition patterns (to that of women), poor concentration, irritability, and reduced bone mass.

The studies of testosterone levels after vasectomy have led to conflicting data. This is partly due to reliance on "normal ranges" that are very wide (300 to 1200 ng/dl) and lack of pre-vasectomy levels for comparison purposes, as well as lack of testing for free (bioavailable) testosterone levels. In addition, the studies that show transient increases in testosterone levels reflect damage as opposed to health, and declines in levels surely follow. How could a transient increase in testosterone levels after vasectomy reflect normal function.? It is more likely a reflection of damage due to inflammation.

I believe vasectomy causes testicular fibrosis and damages Sertoli cells affecting spermatogenesis. The damage to the testes from obstruction or via immunologic effects may cause earlier "andropause" via relative declines in testosterone causing symptoms of hypogonadism in some men. The total serum testosterone may still be in the "normal" range of 300 to 1200 ng/dl, but a significant decline within the range can still cause symptoms, like erectile dysfunction

The studies that prove this are linked below, and are linked directly to the site of the National Institutes of Health.Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

About 8 months after my vasectomy, the granulomas for were forming on the ends of the testicular side of my vas deferens became extremely painful. They were apparently entrapping nerves on the vas deferens.

During an erection and during ejaculation, as all men know, the testes rise up in the scrotum. This caused these painful granulomas to push up against the higher tissues in the scrotum. The pain was indescribable and debilitating and it became impossible to maintain the erection.

Two urologists suggested I have the granulomas removed, but one suggested a vasectomy reversal at the same time, believing they were likely to regrow. I opted for this approach.

During the surgery, the surgeon noticed that I was leaking sperm from both vas deferens and the granulomas formed as my body's (immune system) response to sperm out in the open, much like an infection.

Since the removal of the granulomas and reconstruction of the vas deferens, all is well in the ED area.

So, yes, indirectly, vasectomy can cause ED.Health Question & Answer

personal experience
www.vasectomypain.orgHealth Question & Answer

I developed it for about a month but believe it was psychological due to the constant pain coupled by the almost total loss of ejaculatory sensation immediately after my vas (11 months now). I am functional now but what's the point, I am still in almost constant discomfort/pain and still cannot feel a whole lot of pleasurable sensations either. I got it to enhance my sex life instead it destroyed it. After my experience I would never ask my wife to resort to surgery for birth control. As much as I hated them I would go back to condoms or some other non-surgical method, At least I could feel something then. My sex life was killed at 38.

Read this from a Dr. that performed them and follow his link to read stories from guys that had them and some of their spouses.

Whatever you two decide I hope you fare better than some of us.Health Question & Answer

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Well in medicine almost anything could go wrong but usually does not.

I have never heard of a well man having a vasectomy from a qualified surgeon in a reputable place having ED after it.

It is generally a much simpler operation than a TL.

CheersHealth Question & Answer

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Not physically.Health Question & Answer

Absolutely not!Health Question & Answer

if he could get it up before then he will be able again. the only thing is that he won,t be able to make babies.Health Question & Answer

i think he needs a historectamyHealth Question & Answer

noHealth Question & Answer

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