Ingrown hair/Zit scar on penis.?!

Question: Ingrown hair/Zit scar on penis..?
Anything I can do.? It scared. It's not herpes as I am 15 no sexual contact, and well it had pus come out and doesn't hurt anymore. I popped it about twice to get the pus out.Health Question & Answer

Scars happen whether an ingrown hair, zit, or zipping your guy up in your zipper, it's just part of the pitfalls of having ours stick out instead of inside us.Health Question & Answer

not really, keep popping it. I do when they come out, usually when I'm sweaty.
It's just a zit, an ingrown hair will be able to be seen growing after you pop it.Health Question & Answer

take it out with the needle and then it will heal you have to remove the hairHealth Question & Answer

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