Where do I buy fruit of the loom tighty whities?!

Question: Where do I buy fruit of the loom tighty whities.?
need some new underwearHealth Question & Answer

Awesome choice :) you can buy them at Target or Wal-MartHealth Question & Answer

I know.Health Question & Answer

Wal Mart, Belk, Jcpenny, and Target among others. but tighty whities are a little old fashion. I'd go for colored briefs, they are much more modern. O and just because they aren't on their websites don't mean they aren't in the store. I've seen that brand in Wal Mart Target, andBelk specificallyHealth Question & Answer

No one has them for a reason my friend. It's best summed up as:
Hi! This is the 1980's! We want our underwear back!

Get the point.?
Try commando!Health Question & Answer

They are not actually called Tighty Whities. It's just the nickname for white cotton briefs. You can purchase them at K-Mart or Walmart - under a variety of Brand Names.Health Question & Answer

Freaking Walmart, duh.

Although they are comfy for us guys, the ladies do prefer to see us in more stylish undies. Calvin Klein and such. Just a tip.Health Question & Answer

Wal-mart, K-mart, target, Bobs, and other major department storesHealth Question & Answer

anywhere you buy clothes...Health Question & Answer

uhh - Wal-MartHealth Question & Answer

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