Why do females discuss and answers "MENS" health questions?!

Question: Why do females discuss and answers "MENS" health questions.?
Pretty much what I just said. I'm curious as to why women continually answers questions in mens health. I understand asking for a man's opinion. But why do they creep through the male section.?Health Question & Answer

I bet they're just a bunch of 15 year olds giggleing to our problems.

You know, they are snooping to see what we have problems with and then laugh at it.

Dude, I find it creepy too...it's the MENS section.Health Question & Answer

Because a lot of women are more qualified to answer men's health questions than men themselves.

As a medical scientist, I'm one of them. The amount of misinformation that SOME men have about their own bodies astounds me. Of course, women sometimes fall into this category also.

For example, I saw this gentleman yesterday freaked out that the volume of his seminal fluid was "only" 3 mLs, when 3mL is exactly normal. He was clearly working on assumptions and was probably influenced by what other "boys in the schoolyard" had told himHealth Question & Answer

I'm a medical scientist.Health Question & Answer

These women might have acquired things through experience with men in their lives, and these experiences are what they use in answering questions about us males.

Logically, they might have some inputs to share with us but as far as I understand, we definitely [and should] know more about us being men more than these women knowing something about us...Health Question & Answer

Personally I don't think it matters. Women may know more about what goes on with men, and the same with men knowing about women. It's not creeping. They are straight people in the LGBT section as well. Anyway, don't be surprised if a woman answers this question. lolHealth Question & Answer

Why do you have an issue with it.? Guys answer "womens" health questions. Are you uncomfortable with females knowing about you "guy" problems.? Or are you just upset that your gay fantasies are being interuppeted by females.?Health Question & Answer

Dude, this place is awesome, and funny too. Seriously, this is where I come to have a good laugh. And gimme a break I don't get to discuss these stuff with my guy friends, a girl has got to learn somehow, someway.Health Question & Answer

well mostly men go to mens health and women womens health so if u want a decent opinion u go to the other sex's health. personally i dont want to go reading about periods and stuff :)Health Question & Answer

because we want to. some men doesnt understand their own bodies so we have to teach them, just like men going to the women's forum giving advice about periods.Health Question & Answer

IK I don't give girls advice on their missed periods or whatever in women's health lolHealth Question & Answer

Its ok as long as they don't reply with awww.Health Question & Answer

How do you think they became 'know it alls.?'Health Question & Answer

Some of us have boyfriends and husbands that we know a lot about!!Health Question & Answer

To fufill their sick fantasies, maybe.?

Edit: Or maybe to make you feel uncomfortable. I dunno lol.Health Question & Answer

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