Muscular endurance? Try to answer at least a few?!

Question: Muscular endurance.? Try to answer at least a few.?
1. Everyone says that u should do 15-20 reps for muscular endurance but can i do more like 30 reps for more of a "burn".?
2. How long of rest should I take in between sets like 30 seconds or 0 seconds.?
3. IK it is for definition but can it also give u a little strength.?
4. Should I eat a calorie surplus or deficit.?
5. If a pyramid scheme with 5 exercises a workout is it too little for muscular endurance if I'm only do 3 sets for each exercise.?Health Question & Answer

1.) 30 is too much reps per set because you can damage joints over time, just increase the weight an do 15-20. Unless you do like 1-2 sets, but the burn is good. Its the muscles being pumped up and breaking down to grow big and get strong. If you increase the weight an do 15 sets and feel the burn, it will probably take 40-50 reps of your old weight to feel the burn. also instead of doing 30, go to failure.

2.) When it comes to doing high numbers of reps per set, especially to increase muscle endurance, stay hydrated and rest for a min. or even two. Beware of overtraining and don't push yourself when you don't feel like your trying. Your metabolism and muscle fibers won't stop firing for hours.

3/4/5.) Your strength will increase as long as your trying. You should eat a normal diet if anything a little more calories for expendable energy but stay away from fatty food deff. supplement protein and in a pyramid of 5 exercises 3 sets of each, reps around 30.? Just try pushing yourself more around 4 sets of 20 more weight.

This is off my personal knowledge training for endurance. I hit my personal goal, but everybody's different. Hope this serves as a good opinion.Health Question & Answer

opinionHealth Question & Answer

If you stick with an exercise regimen that's steady you shouldn't step it up until it becomes too easy.
Rest for at least 30 seconds to let your heart refresh your muscle tissue.
Yes, it will give you strength as well as definition.
You should always take in as many or more calories than you burn w/ exercise.Health Question & Answer

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