When did you stop growing(height wise)?!

Question: When did you stop growing(height wise).?
THANX...just curious! :PHealth Question & Answer

Twenty-one, the doctor says.? My God! There's hope!

For lucky ducks like AJ (6'3"), I guess it can't be soon enough. Us 5'3"s need some hope, though! Even *sniffle* if we DON'T have the genes for it...Health Question & Answer

I stopped around age 17 unfortunately.I really wanted to stop at 5'10 or 5'11 but I made it too six feet. Ew. And I smoke!! I don't know how I got so tall.

Daddy I'm so SORRY, I'm so s-s-sorry, yeah. We just like to party, like to p-p-party yeah. BANG BANG.We're beautiful, and dirty rich.Health Question & Answer

My doctor says im still growing. So she suggested to my mom i go to get surgery or whatever...not sure to stunt my growth since im already at a good height (6'3).

we should have never talked about height yesterday. I think you are self conscious about your height.

Most people stop growing by the time they are 21.

*looks down* A duck.?.?.? Im sorry but u have mistaken me for a bird. Im afraid I cannot fly. HAHAHAHA. But I am lucky....to have my Nick that is.

I wruv wru more....(dont even think about it...I won)Health Question & Answer

When you are about 21 for males and
18 for females.Health Question & Answer

I am a doctor (pediatrician)Health Question & Answer

grew slowly to 5'9 till i was about 16 then grew very quickly to 6"2 when i was 18. Now 6'3.5 at 19 and not grown since.Health Question & Answer

Im 6'5 and 1/2
...i dont think im stopping till im 21

sad huh.?Health Question & Answer

i was fully grown at 19... in every way ;-)Health Question & Answer

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