My mate wants to shave his head?!

Question: My mate wants to shave his head.?
He is a good friend, and he really wants to do it but his parents wont let him, and he really doesnt want to go against them, he keeps coming to me telling me this, but I dont know what to tell him! He is 18 and is desperate to do it!Health Question & Answer

Damn this guy is 18 and worried about his parents over a hairstyle. He's a wimp or there is some control freak issues with his parents.

Just shave it for him and let fate have its way. If he doesn't like it or gets too much bitching from his parents he can always grow it back.

I threatened to shave my head once and my gf (who has severe control freak issues when it comes to me) said she would disown me. I guess I wimped out.Health Question & Answer

He needs to weigh the pros and cons. Is this really worth getting his parents all upset and disrupting their relationship.? Maybe he just needs to give them some more time and the idea might grow on them once it sinks in a bit.

In the meantime, have him upload a picture and use photo editing software to see what he would look like with no hair. It just might scare him into not wanting to do it after all. Some people just don't have the head shape and facial features to compliment a shaved head.

Best of luck!Health Question & Answer

He's 18 and his parents are still deciding his hairstyle for him.?
Thats disturbing.

Why doesn't he just do it.?
Be your own man, it will grow back in a few weeks anyway, no big deal.Health Question & Answer

Tell him to just do it.once he does, there is nothing his parents can do. And it will grow back. the will get over it.Health Question & Answer

Let him do it! it's hair & it'll grow back; his main stumbling block is his parents, once he has resolved the issue with them he'll be happy.
but looking at your avatar i think he wants to emulate you!.Health Question & Answer

Dye it bright pink 1st. Show his parents. They will hate it and tell him to shave it. Problem solved! They didn't say anything about coloring it!Health Question & Answer

Shave it. Hair grows, it's not the end of the world if he doesn't like it.
And I'm sure his parents will get over it.Health Question & Answer

what rights does anyone have over wether u can shave off ure own bodyparts.?.?.?.? just tell him to do it who cares what his parents thinkHealth Question & Answer

Just get on and do it if that's what he wants to do, after all he is 18Health Question & Answer

If he is living with his parents, that can make all the diffrence you know.?Health Question & Answer

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