What is the average penis length for a 13 year old?!

Question: What is the average penis length for a 13 year old.?
so wrong first dude....thats like extreme...normal adult is like 5 to 6, right.? thats what i heard on here...u still have time though...Health Question & Answer

to livewire 9. you are horribly wrong itis not 7-8 inches. the average is 4-5 inches around there. also stop worrying about ur penis size. it's not what you got, it's how you use it. and if ur penis is not "average" you can't really do anything about it. so stop worrying about sizeHealth Question & Answer

Not 7 to 8 inches for sure. I'm not that big now and I'm 16.

I would guess that the 2nd answer is the closest. Who knows really. Most 13 year old guys don't go around showing off their boners to people. And if they did they would be weird.Health Question & Answer

After Puberty:

Short Person: 5''
Large: 7-9''

Before Puberty/Teens:

Short: 3''
Med: 3.5-4''
Tall: 4-5''Health Question & Answer

Why would you want to know.?
If you are 13 then you have far to go to know what your penis size will be.
It is useless to measure now.
wait and seeHealth Question & Answer

There's no average - we are all different, and grow at different stages, so please do not beat yourself up by trying to 'measure up' (pardon the pun).Health Question & Answer

Not many people out there measuring 13 yr old boys penisis lol! Are you worried about it.? Your only just hitting puberty now im sure everything will look a lot better soon or bigger in your case

7-8 inches! Highly doubt thatHealth Question & Answer

Why are kids worried about their penis sizes.? Gosh...they should be worried about their school work, and friends, and not stressing about their 'package'. Your penis will grow, as you grow. Worry more, about growing your MIND!Health Question & Answer

how bout you type 'penis 13 year old' into the search bar and you would get about 1000 other questions exactly the same as yours....
there are too many fu**ing penis questions on this topic.Health Question & Answer

Do you not have anything important to worry about.? You cannot change your size, why dwell on it.? Its irrelevant.Health Question & Answer

I'd say 3-4 inches, but you don't need to worry about it until you're done growing. You'll definitely be bigger then!Health Question & Answer

Since 13 year old you should not be worried as the average penis is 3.5"Health Question & Answer

3 to 6 inches till pubertyHealth Question & Answer

8-9 inches i had 10 in when i was 12Health Question & Answer

7 to 8 inches...Health Question & Answer

a handfullHealth Question & Answer

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