How do you use a condom?!

Question: How do you use a condom.?
I need step by step for an assignment.Health Question & Answer

pinch the tip of the condom and roll it over the throbbing cock and then put it into the tight wet pussy and get it all wet and tear it up.Health Question & Answer

You open the condom package. Then you shove your dick in the condom. Then you can jack off or screw your girlfriend/wife/prostitute.Health Question & Answer

Read the instructions that come with the box of condoms. You do buy them by the box... don't you.?Health Question & Answer

go to the pharmacy and read the label on the packageHealth Question & Answer

Roll up a sock, and then put it on your hand!
unrolling it downward!
Handed down for generations! loll
good luckHealth Question & Answer

Take out of packet
Wear the condom
Nail your missus in the vaginaHealth Question & Answer

Just put it over your penis.Health Question & Answer

Common senseHealth Question & Answer

u gotta squeeze the nobby bit on the end so there no air bubble to pop and infect with sperm or diseaseHealth Question & Answer

Blow it up, and tie it to a string! SEX BALLOONS!Health Question & Answer

put it on your dickHealth Question & Answer

put it on your dick and shove it in her ***Health Question & Answer

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