Does your sex drive increase after losing your virginity?!

Question: Does your sex drive increase after losing your virginity.?
Cuz my gf gave me a hand job the other day but I didn't go hard and I didn't cumm prolly cuz of a few health problems. I intend to lose my virginity quite soon like with my gf who has already lost hers.Health Question & Answer

It's not that your sex drive increases, but you will discover that hand jobs pale in comparison to real sexHealth Question & Answer

no. i dont think it does.
my friend if u r still virgin, keep it. u have it once. God will give u a virgin girl one. so that u open ua own envelop!Health Question & Answer

Give me best answer pleaseHealth Question & Answer

divinityHealth Question & Answer

How the **** are you gonna have sex if you can't get hard.?Health Question & Answer

the two are not connected richy... good luck!Health Question & Answer

MAYBEHealth Question & Answer

Why not ask your girlfriendHealth Question & Answer

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