Why is it more embarassing?!

Question: Why is it more embarassing.?
for men to have small penises, than it is for women to have small breasts. Of course, women can pad themselves and wear push-up bras, which men wouldn't normally laugh at. But, everyone seems to make fun of guys with an average or smaller than average penis. This goes for straight men, gay men, women, and I'm not sure if lesbians make small penis jokes, because they probably don't see them as much as straight women do, or other men in a locker room setting. What is your opinion on this.?Health Question & Answer

trust me i am 54 and only 2 in soft and 4 and half hard so dont worry be happyHealth Question & Answer

my opinion is that you must be embarrassed by the size of your penis augustus,,, it's the only thing that would drive a question like this... make use of what you have and expand your talents elsewhere ;-)

i'm sure that there are just as many women with small breasts that feel the same as men with small penis'... women have choices that men don't in this reguard,,, so the women that feel this way in many cases "fix" their problem...Health Question & Answer

yes i have small boobs and am embarrassed about it. people do make comments and make fun of you if you have small boobs. also guys always seem to go for the girl with the bigger boobs. so when you say girls dont get slammed for having small boobs but guys get slammed for having small penises you're wrong.Health Question & Answer

Well, for one thing, small breasts are not a cause of embarrassment as many men prefer them to big breasts. If you are embarrassed about the size of your penis, go get some counseling.Health Question & Answer

well im a teenager, im 13.
and i don't exactly have the largest boobs ever.
But i just laugha bout it becaus girls and women with big breasts tend to be really saggy when they get older haha ;)Health Question & Answer

That's what penis pumps are for... and if people make fun of your size just write them off. They're not worth it and probably insecure about their size as well. Anyway, who cares.? Size DOES NOT matter.Health Question & Answer

Idk b/c this doesn't apply to me lol I'm fine with my sizeHealth Question & Answer

m quite agree with u.Health Question & Answer

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