What is the average number of sex sessions a man can perform in one night?!

Question: What is the average number of sex sessions a man can perform in one night.?
This will be different for every guy. Personally, I have went as many as 5 times, with three being my average. However, there are guys who can go many more times then that and some who go fewer.
I would say three is a good average to assume what most men can do, but it all depends on ones fitness, stamina, libido (desire), and the willingness of his partner(s).Health Question & Answer

Some men only want to do one each time and then go to sleep. Other guys would love to go all night with their woman. So it depends if he wants to or not, he can hold off the orgasm for a while as the woman has hers.
If a guy wants to stay up all night with his girl and see I would guess in a 6 hr time period a guy could have about 5 to 8 sessions in that time frame.Health Question & Answer

lets see. Lets say your mate can last...45 minutes, thats a good long time i believe.

Now lets say you switch up positions every...10 thrusts, thats a little much, but hey.

now lets say he's going at a speed of 1 per second.

thats roughly 270 positions you can do.

i could maybe do like 5 max, if that helpsHealth Question & Answer

As many as he can handle there is sex then foreplay then sex then foreplay so the body has to fatigue sometime.

curtdudeHealth Question & Answer

about tree fiddyHealth Question & Answer

About sex sessions can be read in .?q=sex%20sessions" rel="nofollow">http://health-schools.blogspot.com/.?q=se...Health Question & Answer

I think that really depends on the guy..Health Question & Answer

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