Should i shave down there?!

Question: Should i shave down there.?
Well,im only 13, and my penis 5.5 inches, i have armpit hair and a mustache and alot of hair down there, should i shave it.? if so, what do i shave it and how.?Health Question & Answer

don't use a razor. did that once and it itched for a week. always scratching your balls don't do it. but you can use like a hair trimmer on the lowest setting. girls do appreciate this. i mean don't you. now body likes a face full of hair except for maybe are parents.Health Question & Answer

No, I did that once, itchy as heck!. You'll be scracthing all day. also i don't like the look or feel of it, (not that i enjoy looking at myself or anything :S) it looks like a naked mole rat and when the little hairs begin to grow it feels terrible!, Just trim it down a little it looks more appealing and its easeir to keep clean.

have fun :DHealth Question & Answer

experinceHealth Question & Answer

Dude why would you want to shave it.? next year when your in the locker room you will probily be the only dude with no tool hair or nut hair because you shave it. Dude Pubes are apart of being an adult if they are all wild and stuff trim them down dont shave them

curtdudeHealth Question & Answer

No, you shouldn't. I'm an older male. It will get very itchy and annoy the hell out of you, plus it's tough to do. The only advantage I ever got for the brief time I did, was a bit less hair to dry off! Porn stars do... regular guys.. nah. Don't do it!Health Question & Answer

I'm female and I don't like my guys completely shaven. A bit of pubes is hot. I suggest just trim instead, if you want to. A normal pair of scissors is fine. Just go slow and be careful to not nick yourself.Health Question & Answer

U should shave. u shave by putting soap on where u will shave and u shave it wit a razor. hairy "things'' r sooooooo gross on a guy.Health Question & Answer

No , everyone eventually grows hair down there, its normalHealth Question & Answer

Heck no.

No guys shave
*besides swimmers*Health Question & Answer

why would you shave it.?! dont.....Health Question & Answer

i heard that you penis stops growing at age 13-14....Health Question & Answer

you don't shave cuz it will itch and you'll go around scratching yourself lol.

just trim it if you do anything.Health Question & Answer

Yes, shave it all. Youll look more attractive.Health Question & Answer

Trim, dont shave.Health Question & Answer

If you really want, but there is no problem with pubes to be honestHealth Question & Answer

i think you should ask your mother,your a bit young to be worrying about that.Health Question & Answer

No.Health Question & Answer

shaveHealth Question & Answer

i just trim dont like to shave it makes me itch like crazy for a few daysHealth Question & Answer

well when i shaved it did itch but it looked better than pubs but that just meHealth Question & Answer

ask your mommy.Health Question & Answer

its yours do what makes you happy. shaving will make it itchHealth Question & Answer

do it if you wanna. don't ask us.Health Question & Answer

never girls like a bushHealth Question & Answer

i would use scissors and be careful or u will cut off your man hoodHealth Question & Answer

I think you should. I personally like my guys shaven. Just shave with a razor that you would shave with your face. But.. if no one is going to go down there dont bother.Health Question & Answer

yes trim then shaveHealth Question & Answer

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