Penis problems............?!

Question: Penis problems.............?
hi i am 13 and i **** alot will eney think happen to me will it damage my penis or will i run out of sperm i masturbate at least 2 times a day is it bad and did u lot **** as much at 13 years old i am worried that i am addicted will i ever cut down please help i am worriedHealth Question & Answer

No, you're absolutely fine. At age 13, two times a day is perfectly normal. Nothing to worry about!
[In the old days - like the 1800s - it was thought that men had a limited number of sperm and when they ran out, that was it - no more! But that is not the case, we now know that men just keep on producing sperm! So, no, you will NOT run out of sperm, no matter how much you masturbate.)
Take care! Be well!!Health Question & Answer

Sperm is constantly regenerating. It's not possible to run out. Men could reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer through regular masturbation, researchers suggest. Unless it's interfering with your everyday life, then there's no reason to stop. Maybe just limit yourself to once a day. Enjoy :).Health Question & Answer

that's within the boundries of normal
don't do anything too weird and you won't do any damage
it doesn't matter if you run low on sperm because you just make more
males make billions of sperm cells every day from puberty to death, we are limited in quantity like females areHealth Question & Answer

At that age and for some years after that I masturbated at least the same frequency as you do and so did most of my then school mates
It will not do you any harm , and indeed it helps release stress/ tension and gives you an understanding of how your own body works
So you are just the same as most other young guys who have found this new play thingHealth Question & Answer

Masturbation won't damage your penis. also, it's impossible to run out of your sperm -- your body is always producing more. It's normal and natural for a thirteen year old to masturbate.Health Question & Answer

Nothing can happen to you!
It is impossible to run out of sperm , Your body makes more and more of it everyday that makes you want to c*m so you masturbate , This is normal!Health Question & Answer

This is normal!Health Question & Answer

its ok that is natural, and no you will not run out of sperm by masturbating. But, if you want to cut down on doing it then just spend more time away from home like with friends, or going to the mall.Health Question & Answer

It's actually good for you.
I'm 30 years older than you and still do it every day - often more than twice, and sometimes a lot more.Health Question & Answer

It's completely normal. You're not doing it too much at all.

also, you will never run out of sperm. Your body creates millions of sperm every minute.Health Question & Answer

13.?.? If true, you are to become very virile. Your body produces it all the time.
You are young, NOT addicted.Health Question & Answer

Try to cut it down a bit you probably won't run out of sperm but you might get a sore penis ,Health Question & Answer

u cant run out of sperm...u creat new sperm every day so its ok i used to do it 3 times a day if that makes u feel better and im fineHealth Question & Answer

Nah u wont get addicted.
I did it when i was 13 too.
im 15 now and i dont have a problem with it.Health Question & Answer

your hormones are in a bit of a jumble that is why you do it so much but that should subside as you get olderHealth Question & Answer

Your normal my friend, it's all good

My record when I was 13 was 6 in a dayHealth Question & Answer

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