Are fruit of the loom boxers ok?!

Question: Are fruit of the loom boxers ok.?
They dont look the coolest i know.

Does anyone wear them.Health Question & Answer

Sure =]

Wear whatever you want! Fruit of The Loom isn't that bad.

If you dont like them, there's many more options.

A&F, hanes, and AE have great, comfortable boxers.Health Question & Answer

Dude check out different store sometimes thay have some wierd wild patters or just the solid ones are okay look through the packages just dont take the first one in your size. dude if this is your first time with boxers go for it. you dont need designer boxers just regular ones will do as long as your comfortable with them.

dude a boxer is a boxer

curtdud eHealth Question & Answer

Going commando is healthier. Underwear is annoying, and it goes up you but. Plus your nuts will be able to breth easier, if you go commando.Health Question & Answer

what kind of question is this.? buy them and see for yourself. everyone's different.Health Question & Answer

Sure, they are fine.Health Question & Answer

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