My ADD pills (30mg vavance) are wearing off. Should i take a higher dose?!

Question: My ADD pills (30mg vavance) are wearing off. Should i take a higher dose.?
It seems that everyday i take them that they get weaker. Why is this.? I tried taking the next dose up (40mg) but it seemed to make me way too hyper. I felt like i was going to die cause my heart was racing all was scary. But now its wearing off. What am i supposed to do to keep my treatment effective.?Health Question & Answer

These drugs can stop working and make things worse. These drugs effect the pituitary gland - the master gland of the body. This then effects the adrenal glands which then unbalances the entire glandular system. Sounds like your thyroid is being effected.

There are natural ways to help ADD. You can find a nutritionist who can test you for deficiencies. You can also take essential fatty acids.
I found one called Alert Mind Formula - you can find it here

Getting off the drugs are sometimes a problem. I worked for two years helping people off these drugs. Sometimes when a person trys to stop - their body is now unbalanced - and can create all types of side effects. Usually a person mistakes this as "return of symptoms" There is a site for this It is a program if you have problems.Health Question & Answer

Speak to a physician before you start messing around with your meds .Health Question & Answer

talk to an herbalist to get right RxHealth Question & Answer

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