Home remedy for a headache?!

Question: Home remedy for a headache.?
hi. I have had a really bad headache for 4 days now & will not go! i know i need to go to the docs & i will get the next first available appointment which will now be monday (its the weekend & not open) I can't keep popping pills. Paracetamol don't don't touch so i took some dyhyrdocodine that worked for a while but have now worn off & headache is back. I shouldn't take anymore as they are VERY strong & addictive. What can i take that is not a drug that would be laying round the house or even in the garden lol. ThankyouHealth Question & Answer

crush an aspirin then squeeze some lemon with a teaspoon of honey into warm water, then put a tiny bit of whisky in...works every time.
but you wil fall asleepHealth Question & Answer

You seriousley need to go to a doc ASAP. Go to the emergency room. Having a headache for 4 days straight and now risking the weekend.?!.?!.?! What are you high.?!.?! You might as well take the hydrocodones, and might as well get some vicodines, whiskey and percacets while your at it. You can have something seriosuley wrong with you.Health Question & Answer

My friends mom who had a headache for 3 days and died cooking dinner in the kitchen of a brain anuerism. No joke. SEE A DOCHealth Question & Answer

If I were you, I'd relax and watch a movie, or do something else that relaxes and calms you down.

I also use "Migraine - Kool'n' Soothe". They work really well, and are soft gel sheets. At the front, it says: Immediate Cooling Relief for Migraine & Severe Headache. You should get them and see if it works. You can get them from the chemist, and you just put them over your forehead.Health Question & Answer


4 days.? Yeah,like the OP said, you definitely should see a doctor about that. If it were a mild case, say a few hours or less, it's best to stay away from turned computer monitors and tv screens, as well as away from sunlight. Sometimes it helps to eat a good meal to help your brain function.Health Question & Answer

When I was young, my father used to cut round slices of potato (about 1/4 inch thick) place them on my forehead and hold them in place with a bandage.
Last but not least, go see a doctor asap. 4 days headache may be serious and may be not, but better be sure.Health Question & Answer

Once I had that kind of headache and I was advised to take lots of water and rest. Sometimes people tend to ignore drinking plain water yet its very vital for our well being.Many doctors recommend this. Hope you get better soon.Health Question & Answer

You know you need to see your Doctor but you asked for a home remedy....Try this web site:


Hope all goes well.Health Question & Answer

marijuana, or take mushrooms if you think its a cluster headacheHealth Question & Answer

Any type of natural tea. Green tea, Roobios Tea, Chamomille Tea...any of those. Try keeping your house rather dark so your eyes aren't being strained by the light. Lay down and just take it easy.Health Question & Answer

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