Approx. How much is teeth cleaning under general anethesia? see details...?!

Question: Approx. How much is teeth cleaning under general anethesia.? see details....?
I'm 53 yrs old. It's been 10 yrs since I had my teeth cleaned, and they're AWFUL. No lectures please; but I'm heavy smoker, and drink gallons of coffee and merlot - yeah, ugly :( Last time, it took 7 shots of novocaine to each quarter of my teeth, and I still had skull-shattering pain. It took 4 agonizing sessions, too. I can't go thru that again (I'd rather get dentures!) Incredibly, I have no cavities that I'm aware of or can sense, have no fillings. I have no dental insurance, so how much would it cost to have all my teeth cleaned in one session AND under general anethesia.? Can it even be done this way.? Thanks so much for your input. This would be in the N. Ohio area, if that's pertinent.?Health Question & Answer

It would cost a couple thousands of dollars to do it that way.

There is an other way: you can get a simple IV sedation (intravenous), in which case, you would not sleep, but you would be too drugged to even care whats going on. This would be cheaper (a couple hundreds)

I didnt saw you, but you might have an advanced periodotitis which yould require this cleaning at least twice a year. Otherwise, you might loose your teeth sooner than later... And you wont like dentures (cant eat a steak, fruits, etc anymore, everything taste like plastic, etc)Health Question & Answer

Im a dentistHealth Question & Answer

Honey, there's not enough money on the face of the earth...besides, you're just going to go out and do the same thing all over again...Health Question & Answer

The price will vary from state to state, so you will have to just bite the bullet and call around to a few, and tell them what you want. but it will be expensive, not only do you have to pay for the time of the dentist, but also, the bed, the anesthetist, and any other accumulative expenses that may be incurred from the hospital, which can in some cases run into the thousands. there are some other ways to do this, look at overseas options. Clinics have been set up all around the world, mainly in Asia to accommodate westerners requiring dental work.
You may find it cheaper to take a short holiday and have a dental check up at the same time, but once again, do your research on prices and customer satisfaction.Health Question & Answer

wow..... ok wont lecture. Im 22 years old and i didn't brush well and hadn't seen a dentist in a year tell last november. Ended up getting 3 root canals 12 fillings, and 3 crowns still need two crowns and a root canal. Most practises"s here in iowa cost about 80 bucks for a cleaning but your prob gonna need one or more cleaning cause you probably have a calcium build up along your gums. My suggestion would be go to a pharmacy and get some of the mouth wash they have there its by Colgate and use some sensitive style tooth paste and that rinse and get into a dentist. Some will help you with payment plans.

Good Luck

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