I had 3 teeth extracted Thursday.?!

Question: I had 3 teeth extracted Thursday..?
I understand there's swelling involved and bleeding, but should i look like i've been hit by mike tyson.?

The entire left side is swollen, like an abcess. The holes are black, it's so creepy.

My mouth hasn't stopped bleeding either, it tastes disgusting. I need another 3 removed on the 20th. Any ideas how i can prevent swelling this bad appearing next time.?Health Question & Answer

Sounds like you had a bad time! & 'Next time' is the least of your worries... If its still bleeding....it needs attention.
After an extraction, a blood clot needs to form in the socket, over the exposed bone (bleeding will stop then) .Clot can be easily dislodged from the socket by spitting, rinsing and other habits. If this happens you will get a DRY SOCKET..more common on bottom jaw... very painful.(bone is infected) The bleeding should have stopped by the next day. Very gentle warm salt water rinses are recommended 24hrs later,,, Dentist should have called you by now to see how you are going...grainy food should be avoided so it doesnt fall in the socket. Go back to your dentist. He may need to wash it out and put a dressing in. DO NOT SMOKE!!!!!!! this & drinking alcohol will encourage bleeding and delay healing. You will be sore and swollen for at least a week... but keep an eye on it and if it feels worse.? Go back immediately..Health Question & Answer

The bleeding needs to be checked out as you need to form a blood clot in order for it to heal.

As far as the swelling goes it could be a good think [apart from the appearance]. I've just had 2 wisdom teeth out and had hardly any swelling but 2 weeks on I'm still in a lot of pain. I saw my dentist today who said that most of my swelling was internal inside the gum / bone which was what was causing the pain. She said it is often better to have the swelling come out i.e. in your face rather than it being inside. I know that right know I would prefer to look like a hamster rather than be in pain.Health Question & Answer

Ice is also really good, I slept with the side of my face on a bag of peas for a few nights!Health Question & Answer

Blackness is normal. blleding ought to have stopped by now.
If you are in pain or bleeding contact dentist immediately and insist on emergency appointment before the weekend starts. if no pain you are probably ok.
You may need stitchesHealth Question & Answer

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