What's the ideal fat/protein/carb ratio to lose bodyfat?!

Question: What's the ideal fat/protein/carb ratio to lose bodyfat.?
I've read 40% carb, 40% protein, and 20% fat......is that correct.?

Any advice would be appreciated!Health Question & Answer

The primary goal in any diet is to reduce the number of calories you take in. Anything beyond that is really just to sell diet books and won't make as much of a difference as lowering the calories you eat. Unless you're doing the Atkins no-carb diet which is a completely different thing (and it works really well for me...)

In my experience the ratio is what works to make you feel happy while you're dieting. My body works better with more fat and less carbs. Other people think they'll die if they don't get to eat at least a little rice or pasta, and I couldn't care less.

As long as you're eating a varied diet that excludes processed foods - anything that comes in a bag or a package ready to eat - and your carbs are complex, like brown rice instead of white, multigrain bread instead of white bread, whole wheat pasta instead of regular, and you eat a lot of green vegetables like spinach, brocolli, and brussels sprouts, and lean meats like chicken and fish, or lower amounts of pork and red meat, it doesn't really matter what the exact # is.Health Question & Answer

I read this ebook this week and it addresses that specifically. According to this doctor everybody is different and she has a quiz you can do in her ebook to determine how your body burns fat and what ratio you should use. Check it out at http://imtitan.allinonehealth.com/Health Question & Answer

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