What is a real good appetite depressant?!

Question: What is a real good appetite depressant.?
I've tried teas,brushing the teeth,water...I'm not over-weight, but I don't like this bad habit I've gotten myself into,and I'll be packing on the pounds if I don't smarten up! does anyone have some good advice.? Thanks.Health Question & Answer

When you 'feel' hungry, just stop for a second and think. Do you really need to be eating.?

If you answer yes and must eat something, eat an apple; apples give you energy from natural sugars and take away your hunger.

If you answer no, chew some gum, and/or read a book to get your mind off of food. Good luck! (I know how you feel; I'm not fat, but sometimes I feel that way because of my eating habits haha)Health Question & Answer

Water is a great way to suppress an appetite. Sometimes when you feel like you are having a hunger pain it is actually your body telling you that it's thirsty. Unfortunately the two is very similar and it is up to you to figure out which it is. Rather than going straight to food try drinking a glass of water to see if that is all you needed :).Health Question & Answer

The key for losing those unwanted pounds is simple - consume less food and move more often - the issues arise when we actually try to put that into operation! There are loads of stumbling blocks in the big wide world aren't there.?! The one thing that really delivered for me was green tea, it can be checked out in the resource box underneath, they have a handful of free trials left, it was highlighted in Fox News and USA Today. I lost 30 pounds, it really does produce results!Health Question & Answer

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I'm also not over-weight but still watching what I eat. I have bad habits of eating the wrong thing when I'm hungry have heard many good things about Acai Berry. Has been on many news channels also! I ordered some yesterday hoping it helps. also heard like the other answer...green tea. Do a google on Acai Berry. Opra and Rachel Ray promote it. Hope this helps!Health Question & Answer

Low carb diets are very successful for two reasons. One They induce ketosis which is your liver using body fats for energy (a little more complicated than that) and ketosis has the side effect of reducing hunger pains dramatically. Check out kimkins.com for more info. They have free weight loss tools and recipes for you to use too.Health Question & Answer

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drink a full glass of water before you meals. also start with vegetables or the healthier stuff.

if you are just talking about snacking then instead drink water or have a piece of gum. works for meHealth Question & Answer

Eat slower.

And, it that doesn't work, think of something really disgusting. Like if you're eating meat, think of it as maybe rabbit meat you're eating.Health Question & Answer

Both works for me!Health Question & Answer

waterHealth Question & Answer

hoodiaHealth Question & Answer

addorallHealth Question & Answer

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