Im 17 and 80 pounds over- weight and, I really want to lose it but, I'm not really sure how?!

Question: Im 17 and 80 pounds over- weight and, I really want to lose it but, I'm not really sure how.?
What Kind of food.? Exercises.? I want to lose at least half or more before the year is overHealth Question & Answer

The best way is to combine exercise (walking, then work up to running everyday along with weight training every other day-try Jari Love DVDs) and eating around 1400 calories a day, of unprocessed (not stuff in bags and boxes with lots of unpronounceable ingredients) foods like fruit, vegetables, lean cuts of meat in small portions (about 4 oz/meal) and no sugar! Lots of fiber (oatmeal, cheerios, low cal popcorn) and non sweetened beverages (like water or fitwater). You have youth on your side, because you have lots of HGH (human growth hormone) that will speed up your metabolism if you exercise, build muscle, and eat several small meals a day. Good're awesome and you can do this!!!!Health Question & Answer

well the important thing to do is eat fruits and vegetables and you can go to a gym or you could discuss it with your parents or your doctor also you could look up a diet that would work for you just go on my and then click on my pyramid plan and type in your weight and height and gender and how much you exercise a day. this will help you alot this is what I used and I lost over 25 pounds the healthy way.Health Question & Answer

Two years ago I was getting ready to be married and wanted to lose weight a friend told me to cut out all liquid and drink at least 32 oz. of water a day no sweets and prepare your meals as usual and get rid of half and start walking a block or 2 and build up to walking miles. it worked i lost 50 lbs. in less than a year. Dont take pills or anything just change your habits and be healthy. i have kept my weight off for more than 3 years just be smart and dont go to fast it wont happen overnite just be patient and stick to your goal... good luckHealth Question & Answer

The weightwatchers nocount plan is really good. It has a list of foods that you can eat, three meals a day, eat until you feel full. You can snack on fruit inbetween meals and have a few extra calories a day for extras (like mayonaise etc).

It's good because you have the freedom to eat normally, and not feel like you're on a diet.

As for exercise, I find brisk walking the best! Get a dog and take him for walks :-)Health Question & Answer

Any kind of exercise is good. Walk, walk after dinner. No eating out. The meal you would have out would have 100s of more calories then one you could make at home. Just portion control and exercise. If you are watching TV do lunges, leg lifts, sit ups, push ups, etc. Drink more water. Pop, juices, drinks have 100+ calories per serving. Drink more water because there are no calories and it is GREAT for your body. Hope this helped some.Health Question & Answer

There are a lot of ways, but you want the easiest.?

Never eat FAST FOOD.

Exercise is good, too, but FAST FOOD is the biggest culprit.

Another plus is that your billfold will fatten up. That's a good thing!Health Question & Answer

Here is a website where you will find many WEIGHT LOSS tips which i think may help you.

so' have a look:- Question & Answer

Drop red meat and sweets. Always eat a good breakfast. Start working out three times a week for forty minutes. (walking running biking swimming)Health Question & Answer

Do a water fast for 2 weeks and u will lose all fat and your body will cleanse,heal and restore its self.Health Question & Answer

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