If i ate cereal, then walked a 20 min mile..would i use the sugar first for energy?!

Question: If i ate cereal, then walked a 20 min mile..would i use the sugar first for energy.?
like would the sugar get burned off because i used it for energyHealth Question & Answer

Actually yes.. The main key to keep in mind is that after you consume sugar, fat etc. You need to get up and move within the first hour because if your body does not burn it off it then stores it as fat. We all need suguar it's what our body uses a fuel. Example I have been working out and I walk a lot I have not gone on a diet I just eat half the amout I used to and i'm still keeping up with my goal I'm done 30lbs and only 20 more to go.. So just make sure you move thats the key burn the sugar and carbs off before they have time to turn to fat and be stored in your body. Hope this helps.Health Question & Answer

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