I am a little confused after a visit to the Doctor today?!

Question: I am a little confused after a visit to the Doctor today.?
I had severe abdominal pain in the liver region four days ago and it was crippling and I couldn't get to the ER.

I went to my Doctors clinic triage/urgent care section and they examined me and questioned me and did some emergency blood work which came back within the hour and they said "Everything is clear - no problems - you can go"

I was a little taken aback because clearly everything isn't OK and I am still in pain.

They said they checked blood work for problems in liver area, gall bladder and pancreas and that all blood was OK and white cell count was normal indicating no gastric infection and they scheduled me for an abdominal ultrasound in June and told me to take otc pain meds in the meantime. Urine test was normal too.

One question: if everything was normal was was I doubled up in agonising pain 4 days ago and still in moderate pain now.?

The only thing the Doc would say before showing the door was that it is sometimes a precursor to shingles and to come back in a week

I am relieved all the major things have been ruled out but they haven't found a cause.

What should I have said.? I was sort of marched to the door.

Any comments and suggestions from health professionals appreciated. Please state your area of expertise.

CheersHealth Question & Answer

Still in pain.? If so, head to the ER or urgi-care center near you. Pain is a definite sign that something is wrong, or at least, somethings not 'hunkey-dorey.' This time, don't take 'escorting you to the door as an answer.'

"What should I have said.?" It's really hard to think at a time like that when you're in pain and caught off guard that he doesn't seem to be taking your problem too seriously. Ideally, he'd take it seriously, explain WHY he's sending you home without finding the cause. Maybe he seriously felt that this was a stomach bug that would get better on it's own; but the doc should have said that.

Heck, this is your body, your pain. Not the doc's. But, you're paying (or your insurance is paying) for him to do a job and he needs to do that job. Unfortunately, there'll be more of this if we switch to a health care system which rations care: "sure, you can have that ultrasound." How about scheduling it for 6 months.?

Hope you're better now and don't need to follow up; but when there's unexplained pain, have it checked out and don't leave until you get a thorough answer. Unfortunately, many docs have gotten used to patients who don't question; so they just do what they think needs to be done, WITHOUT INCLUDING YOU IN THE EQUATION.Health Question & Answer

Change your Dr. ASAP .. Could be gall bladder .. Could be a lot of things .. I would definitely see another Dr. For an opinion..Health Question & Answer

Worked in the ERHealth Question & Answer

Find another doctor asap. There were many more things that they should have done starting with a MRIHealth Question & Answer

It sounds like you may need to see a GI specialist. They are doctors who specialize in digestive health medicine. They may be able to offer you more specialized (and hopefully compassionate) care. I feel for you because your still in pain with no diagnosis or solution! Unfortunately, many doctors are quick to look at a seemingly healthy person and tell them they are completely fine regardless of their symptoms, based on lab values. Sometimes I think docs want to see a missing limb before they will take a person seriously. If you continue to have symptoms, you could write a journal about all of your symptoms. Like, when they happen (after eating and if so what), how you feel (sweaty, weak, etc.) and what happens (diarrhea, vomiting, fetal position). This information can help a doctor to understand what is really going on. As for OTC medications, be careful because any medication can cause stomach irritation and/or bleed. also, you could record your dietary intake including fluids. You may also try to eliminate carbonated and alcoholic beverages they are very irritating! Wish you well! Don't be afraid to go back to the Emergency Department if you continue to have pain.Health Question & Answer

Im a graduating nursing studentHealth Question & Answer

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