Pink eye or just allergies?!

Question: Pink eye or just allergies.?
Yesterday morning, some goopy white stuff started coming out of my eye. By the end of the day, it was red and swollen. I haven't had any of the white stuff come out today, but it's gotten more puffy. Vision is a little blurry, too.

I have very severe allergies to pollen, cats, dogs, grass, ragweed, dust, etc. Would this be pink eye or allergies, and what can I do about it, especially without seeing a doctor.?Health Question & Answer

Usually with pink eye it feels like a piece of sand is rolling around in your eye and it hurts so bad!! I have had both several times.

For allergies or pink eye you can get Colloidal Silver and out it directly into your eye. It works better than the prescription.

I had my Daughter's Birthday paty yesterday and one of the little girls was going to miss out because she has severe allergies in her eyes and the one eye she could barely open and was crying. I told her to bring her anyways. By 10 minutes the red had gone and she was no longer scratching it. She is allergic to cats and we have one and she had been petting it earlier that day.

I swear by it. It has gotten rid of so many eye infections in my family and others, ear infections, sinus infections, bladder-kidney- and urinary tractinfection and absessed tooth on me.Health Question & Answer

When you have pink eye, it feels like someone threw sand in your eyes. Not only will your eye be red and swollen, it will burn and sting a little. The best thing to do is to see a doctor. You don't want to play around when it comes to your eyes.Health Question & Answer

Well i have allergies to and its not fun having it.
But i think its just a pink eye cause i never had
pink eye before for allergies and also you cant
really cure it in less you see a doctor or keep a cold rag on it.
Maybe take medicne.Health Question & Answer

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