Pain in lung perhaps its hard to tell it is coming and going, when it comes its agony?!

Question: Pain in lung perhaps its hard to tell it is coming and going, when it comes its agony.?
The pain is definatley more on my left side - it is in my back and front, underneath my breast perhaps behind ribs like a pressure, I have to straighten mt whole body when it comes, it woke me up, its taking my breath away when it comes, im getting a bit scared, does anyone know what this could be.? ThanksHealth Question & Answer

go see your doctor as soon as you can.

:op you can't garentee its not your heart! :o\

Edit: also if its happening now you might wanna take a trip down to A&E :o/ take a bag with you :op Nothing worse than getting into hospital and having no clothes :o(Health Question & Answer

There are several possibilities. If it happens with inhalation only, it could be pleurisy. This is caused when the lung rubs on the inside of a sack that the lung is in.The sack is called the pleura. There is normally a kind of lubricant that is between the lung and the pleura.

This is only one of many.
See your DR.Health Question & Answer

EMS TrainingHealth Question & Answer

Pain in the chest and shortness of breath.?!

You are describing a MI (Myocardial Infarction), which is a heart attack.

If this happens again, you should call 911.

I had dealt with too many people that ignored the signs and died.

Feel better.

Addition, regardless of what JEFF says....pleurisy isn't taught as part of EMS training. Notice he said EMS, not EMT.Health Question & Answer

I'm an with heart attacks more than I want to.Health Question & Answer

If you get to be in to much pain go to the emergency room. Don't let this go on get to a doctor asap!Health Question & Answer

Could be heartburn...but if you're under alot of stress it could be "costochondritis"..(google it) ..Go to a doc just to be sure though..don't want to take any chances..Health Question & Answer

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