Do Cartilage Piercings Really Hurt?!

Question: Do Cartilage Piercings Really Hurt.?
I'm gonna get my Cartilage pierced TOMORROW, & one other hole in each ear.
(total of 2 regular piercings in each ear, & one cartilage piercing)

How bad do Cartilage Piercings hurt, & What EXACTLY do they do.?Health Question & Answer

LOL I think it is cool & it will hurt only a little. Don't think about pain.Health Question & Answer

Alright... a lot of people seem to think that cartilage piercings hurt way more than regular piercings. To be honest, it was quite the opposite for me. My cartilage piercing didn't hurt at all, but my regular piercings hurt a little. This isn't to say that the pain is unmanageable for either, but I felt the lobes hurt more.

As for how they do it, it differs for each state. When I lived in Illinois, they used a gun sort of thing. It was quick and painless. Once I moved to Indiana, it turns out here they use a needle, and the gun is illegal. So, look it up online.

The hassle is so worth it though. Make sure to keep the piercings clean. That is VERY important.

Good luck!Health Question & Answer

They hurt more than just doing the ear lobe, and they are sore for a lot longer, especially if you sleep on that side.

It's been a while, so I don't remember the procedure. I had it done when Claires could still do them. Now I think you have to go to a piercing/tattoo parlor.Health Question & Answer

it doesn't really hurt. just don't think about the pain when your getting it done, think about something relaxing and i'm sure you'll be fine =] but take care of the piercings and be careful when you sleep that you don't sleep to the sides.Health Question & Answer

I've had mine done a few times and it never hurt. the only thing that hurt was when i got the bar threw my ear it was in the cartliage but it was a huge needle. if it is a simple piercing you'll be fine!! good luckHealth Question & Answer

They dont hurt bad at all.
The only pain is sleeping on that side that you got it pireced on,
good luck they will use a needle not a gun.Health Question & Answer

It doesn't hurt to get it done... However, it's sore when you sleep on it for some time. Have them use the gun.. it's a lot quicker.Health Question & Answer

Yes they hurt mostly when you touch it or when you're trying to sleep. Make sure you keep it very clean!Health Question & Answer

it didnt hurt me at allHealth Question & Answer

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