How do i break my tibia and fibia?!

Question: How do i break my tibia and fibia.?
i always wanted to see what it would be like to where a full leg cast so please don't answer this if you have never broken your tibia and Fibia or have never worn a leg cast ,and tell me how you did it please . i want to break these bones because i read this book about a girl who broke her tibia and fibia thnx so muchHealth Question & Answer

It shouldn't be that hard. just jump off your porch roof and keep one leg locked straight out. Plan it so you land on the side of your foot, It will snap fairly easy. Or you can have somebody jump on your leg, while you have it proped up on a foot stool.
Good luck, it would be just easier to have a cast put on, you can buy a kit off ebay and do it yourself. It's not complicated. Of course with a full leg cast i bet you will get lots of dates.Health Question & Answer

you are smart. you can have life long problems. cast will get so itchy. broken bones hurt so bad.

i broke my femur and had to have a cast all the way don one leg to the foot, and the other leg to the knee. broke my ankle. this all happened when i was 2. when i was 6 i broke my pinky in the growth plate and had to have surgery. when i was 10 i broke my arm, and had to have it put back in place, when i was awake. when i was 12 i broke 2 fingers, and one is still deformed, and also i broke my pinky toe in the growth plate, and was on crutches. when i was 13 i broke my knee and my elbow, and my knee still gives me problems so bad to where i can't put pressure on it, and i have a broken pinky toe right now.

so if you wanna break something be sure to pay the price.Health Question & Answer

broken 10 bones.Health Question & Answer

You are CRAZY! it hurts like hell!!! WHY WILL SOMEONE WANT THAT.? but well anyway, you don

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