If someone suffocates, how long before they are completely gone?!

Question: If someone suffocates, how long before they are completely gone.?
How much time would someone have to save them.? No, I'm not in that situation right now.Health Question & Answer

When you can't hold your breathe any longer, thankfully you lose consciousness. Then it's just a matter of minutes, the brain can survive up to 8 mins, sometimes longer, deprived of oxygen, even if you lived, you wouldn't know it, you'd be so brain damaged you would need to be kept alive by machines. Not to argue w/the other fine posters here, but people have been revived after being underwater for more than 7 minutes, drowning is in a sense, suffocation, your lungs fill w/water, but you're also suffocating as you're getting no air. You then have a problem, your body has shut down and you're on your way to wherever it is we go. But, if you're a full code or being rescued, they will try to bring you back, CPR electric paddles, the whole thing to recharge the heart to pump, but the heart will be beating in the body of a zombie. Your body is still here but your mind has left the station.Health Question & Answer

Normally, the brain starts to shut down after about 3 minutes, but it depends on the cause. It also very much depends on the temperature. People who have arrested in very cold temperatures have been 'brought back' after a few hours and made a good recovery.

A person isn't dead until they are warm and dead...Health Question & Answer

Most people will be 'gone' in about 3 minutes.Health Question & Answer

After 7-8 min brain cells begin dying.Health Question & Answer

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