Question: HELP.?! I JUST BURNED MY HAND!!!!!.?
i was making fish sticks about 30-45 minutes ago and the second i got the pan out of the oven i poured them on to a plate. i held the pan with two rubber pot holder things. and when i tilted the pan i burned my hand on it. i rinsed it under cold water and its been on an ice pack the whole time. but if i leave it on it too long it starts to hurt and if i take it off of the ice it starts to sting.

i dont know what to do!

please help! im in severe pain and i cant stop crying because how badly it hurts. please help!Health Question & Answer

quickly put toothpaste on it (yes seriously), then ice a bit more and do this a few times.. itll get better..Health Question & Answer

I had this before except i burned myself on an iron. I dipped my hand in water with lots of ice cubes in it. I felt pain too but I had to deal with it so you might have to do the same thing too. Besides, my sting stopped quick though my blisters were still there.Health Question & Answer

Keep an Aloe Vera plant around in the house, it really does heal burns.
Break abit of and rub onto the burn, it really works.
Otherwise use ice.Health Question & Answer

Can you put a pressure dressing on it.? That helps the pain. Put some gauze on it and wrap tightly. You did the right thing by icing.Health Question & Answer

go to this web lots of curesHealth Question & Answer Question & Answer

theres not that much you can do for it. just keep ice on it.Health Question & Answer

I'm sorry for you pain. Getting burned really hurts. Just keep the ice on a lot longer. It will feel better soon.Health Question & Answer

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