I always get cramps on my feet?!

Question: I always get cramps on my feet.?
Every morning, after jogging for 45 minutes, I immediately head for the showers and take a bath. Now, I always get some cramps on my feet while putting on my socks or driving. Is this the cause of taking a bath right after jogging.? Can a foot spa procedure help prevent or get rid of cramps.? I was planning to get a foot spa by tomorrow. Should I proceed.?Health Question & Answer

My husband does a lot of race walking in half marathons. He always makes sure and does a lot of stretches before the half marathons and also after the marathons he will continue to walk at a slow pace for a few more minutes and stretch some more. Then he will come home, take a shower and then soak his feet in warm water and put peppermint oil in it. The water is rather hot as he can take it. He soaks them for about 15 minutes. So far he has not had any cramps. Maybe this may help, hope so.Health Question & Answer

Sometimes you can be low on various minerals; potassium comes to mind and so does magnesium. Try having a banana.

But, after running try some gentle stretches where you stand in a doorway, put both hands on the frame, leaning inward, but keeping one foot flat. Then switch feet. As a runner, I'm sure you've done this.

I used to have this happen all the time after I swam. So I got in the habit of taking a warm bath, then stretching the muscles. Remember, never stretch a cold muscle. Give this a try; but if not effective, mention it to your doc.Health Question & Answer

Try stretching your feet, and legs.Health Question & Answer

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