If my ankle is swollen, should it feel warm?!

Question: If my ankle is swollen, should it feel warm.?
i have a swollen ankle, but only on the left side of the leg. Its a little sore and very red..Health Question & Answer

the reason it is swollen red and warm is that there is a massive amount of blood being pumped into that area to carry antibiotics to the area cushion the part of the ankle you hurt and to send.."workers" to fix what your hurt. no biggie, you're fine from now on it should only get better. If you see it getting worse then thats a problem that means the body is loosing the fight and the problem is still hurting you as long as its getting better (and maybe at some point it will look like its not getting better or worse, again this fine) then you are okay. totally normal.Health Question & Answer

Have you sprained it.? sounds very much like a sprain to me. Raise on a pillow, with a frozen bag of peas wrapped in a towel and rest it for a while. Should do the trickHealth Question & Answer

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