Help!!! my leg hurts really bad?!

Question: Help!!! my leg hurts really bad.?
hi im 12 years old and my leg cramps all the time and it throbes alos i can feel something in my leg thats not in my other leg it hurts really bad !!!! what is it .?.?.?Health Question & Answer

I cannot diagnose you over the internet or recommend any medicines. For that you need to see a doctor IRL.
It could be growing pains and it could be caused by vitamins and minerals not getting to the muscles in your legs. Calcium is one of the minerals that is necessary to prevent leg cramps so be sure you are getting enough of that (milk, cheese, yogurt) and be sure that you get enough magnesium and vitamin D too. How much is enough depends on your body mass index, activity level and diet. This is why it would be good to see a doctor, or a nutritionist, or a physical fitness expert (not a trainer in the gym!).
Meanwhile, pulling your toes straight or gently standing on tiptoe can alleviate calf cramps. Tell your mum too and show he this answer if you are afraid she will blow you off. Growing pains are real and really can be painful and scary.Health Question & Answer

Nearly 40 yrs in medical & mental health professions.Health Question & Answer

It could be a lack of vitamins and minerals getting to your musclesHealth Question & Answer

I own health and nutritional companyHealth Question & Answer

It is beacuse of Growin Panes. Growing Panes happen when you lack vitamins. I know it hurts but trust me just stretch it and it wil fell betterHealth Question & Answer

who knows growing pains, leg cramps from being lazy, or built up lactic acid from exercising.Health Question & Answer

Start stretching, butterfly stretches around your groin area it will help.Health Question & Answer

first I say see a doctor, there are such things more serious then what have been answered, like blood clots and so fourth, a trip to a ER or out PT. would be ok as well...Health Question & Answer

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